We started feeding raw because I was tired of upchucks, off and on loose stools, and wasted food. The price of decent quality canned food has become outrageous, and dry kibble that is grain free takes your paycheck.

Out of frustration I tried raw on a group of my cats. They loved it, they gobbled it up, no waste, no upchucks and less in the litter box. I moved to another group with the same results.

We have been feeding raw since December and the cats have never looked better nor felt better I am sure. We are actually saving money….and the cats are eager for their meals now.

I feed a mix of kitten grind and kitten mix, with good quality vitamins added in….I mix the meat and vitamins and form into 1 oz meat balls…..that way I know how much each cat should and does eat.

Thank you Best of Breed LLC for your fine product ..”Blue Ridge Beef” and your helpful attitudes when contacted.

Kathi and Bill Hoos

Blakewood cattery

As a breeder of top quality Ragdoll for many years, I have tried many different foods. In only a few months of using Blue Ridge Beef products, my cats and kittens have looked noticeably better than they ever have. Their coats are amazing. All of my cats are solid and look beautiful. Even nursing moms are in better condition than they have even been. The kittens have none of the normal weaning issues most breeders have and are chubby and solid every time.

I have tried some other most pricey raw foods and find that Blue Ridge Beef is the best quality and price that you can find. My English Bulldog is also on the raw diet and is in better condition than ever. It is also nice how much my animals love the Blue Ridge Beef foods and get more excited than ever at mealtime. Thank you so much for a great product.

Christina Casalino


Hedgewood Cattery has fed a raw beef diet to our American Shorthair cats for 30 years. We believe the diet has attributed to the health and well-being of our cats at home and in the show ring. Meat adds muscle, not fat, to our show cats which has been a large factor in our numerous winning animals.
I designed this Website because we believe in the Blue Ridge Beef products.

~Ande DeGeer

Blue Ridge Beef has been providing quality beef for our Great Danes since 2003. Their service is excellent – I can call in an order in the morning and pick it up in the early afternoon, regardless if it’s a single box of meat or several hundred pounds.

~David B. Lutz

Shades of Excellence Great Danes

I’ve been buying meat from your NC location for about the last 18 months. I am feeding 3 adult Rottweilers, and they stay in TOP condition on your wonderful products. I recently finished the second CH title on my young bitch, and I attribute a lot of her incredible coat, muscle tone, and general well being to your products.

I am currently in the process of building a website, and I have put contact information on my raw diet page to you guys, because I am so impressed with your products, and your great service. I’m planning a litter next year, and my puppy people will be directed to your locations around the southeast for their raw meat needs. I feel so fortunate to have you and your SUPER products so close by.

Please check out my raw diet page at to see my glowing recommendation of your products.

~Rebekah Pless

Redyre Rottweilers

We have been feeding Blue Ridge Beef since 1993 to our Persian cats and kittens with wonderful results. We feel it gives our cats a competitive edge because it adds weight without making the cats fat and flabby. It can be fed straight from the thawed tube or some vitamins can be added for extra nutritional value, either way the cats love it.

~ Joe & Mary Jo Garraux

Fanci FX

As Afghan Hound breeders for over 25 years, we believe that diet is critical to overall health, appearance, performance, and particularly to reproductive health in our dogs. A few years ago a breeder friend convinced me to switch to a raw diet. She was adamant that it would reduce health issues requiring visits to the vet, and would increase reproductive health, resulting in healthier pregnancies and whelping, and larger healthier litters.

At first I was resistant because I thought it would be messy and would require more preparation than feeding kibble, but she persisted and put me in touch with Blue Ridge Beef, and I took the leap into the raw diet world! Yes, it does require more preparation (although not much) but I enjoy the preparation time, and the feeling I get from providing healthy food for my dogs… similar to the feeling I get when I prepare a healthy meal for my family.

After switching to a raw diet I saw an immediate improvement in the health of my dogs, and was surprised that the dogs no longer had health issues that required visits to our vet. Before I started feeding raw it seems I saw my vet frequently for various dog issues. After feeding raw for several months my vet actually phoned me and asked if I had switched to another vet, because he never saw me anymore. I told him the raw food I was feeding made my dogs healthier! Some of the changes we experienced with our dogs are increased coat growth and improved physical appearance…reduction in gastrointestinal problems…. larger litters, and increased sperm count. I have a 9 year old bitch, with a valuable pedigree, who delivered 10 puppies after switching to raw. Three of those puppies have already finished their AKC Championships, and at least 2 more should finish this year. All are still fed raw. That same bitch, as a three year old on kibble, delivered a littler of only 3 puppies, so the raw meat works!

My results are consistent with the results I hear from other breeders and pet owners who feed raw. It makes sense to me and makes me wonder why I ever fed kibble. When in college I worked in a zoo, and the carnivores (cats and wolves) were fed meats, eggs, and fish. No kibble. Why should we feed our carnivores any differently?

Many thanks to Blue Ridge Beef for making it easy for me to feed raw.

~Carol Randolph

Hadara Afghan Hounds

I have fed a raw meat diet for 30 years, but Blue Ridge Beef is the best I have ever used. It has always been consistently high quality. All my cats – from the chunky Persians to the slender Siamese – are fed Blue Ridge Beef. Even now that I am no longer actively breeding cats, I still feed it as I think it is a more authentic feline diet. Kittens thrived on it. They walked from their mother’s milk to the meat dish, wading right into the food plate to get it. They didn’t even want the kitten grind, as they preferred to “kill” their own food. I think Blue Ridge Beef is especially necessary for my show cats in order to create a solid body with muscle tone, and contributes to my success in the show ring.

~Donna Andrews

Kyetrak Cattery